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Top 5 Trends To Look For In Affiliate Marketing In 2018

December 12, 2017

Affiliate marketing is a preferable option for marketers and content creators alike, the major reason for its success being that it serves as a middle point which favors both parties. Partakers in the affiliate program stand to gain a little more revenue and the company backing it also stand to gain from the additional exposure.

Below are five of the trends that are bound to dominate the affiliate marketing industry come 2018 and beyond.

Trend #1: Better Reporting

Many of the actual affiliate programmes are simplified, and they do not afford a sizeable amount of data for either the consumers or for marketers. Even Amazon’s referral plan, which is one of the biggest on the market with a countless number of operative affiliates, needs some improvement.

During affiliate marketing’s earlier years, technology was unable to provide standard and up-to-date reporting tools which marketers freely use in this present day. But in 2017, people are beginning to insist on many improved tools that provide real-time data and assist in forecasting subsequent performances.

Trend #2: Affiliate Marketing Goes Niche

Many novices in the line of affiliate marketing tend to try reaching out to every website and online influencer they come across, with the mindset that more affiliates will translate into more revenue. They are in some ways right in this instance.

Emphasizing volume can prove costly for a beginner, and the industry is going through an alteration in which marketers are starting to understand that a few credible, high-level affiliates are often more efficacious than having numerous low-level affiliates with next to no influence.

Instead, the present trend is for marketers to focus on specific niches and to enact their supremacy before transferring to the next niche and repeating the process. Take for instance an online movie rental service dealing strictly with horror movie reviewers as opposed to trying to reach all the movie websites on the net. They will make moves to transition into other movie niches such as comedy or romance once they have fully dominated the horror movie market.

Trend #3: Cross-Device Tracking

Consumers no longer surf the web on single devices like before, although affiliate marketing technology functions like consumers still do. Now, the avenue to acquire is complicated, and it is very normal for a person to order a product via an affiliate link and then later choose to make a purchase using another device.

That is why more affiliate programmes are harnessing the power of cross-device tracking. Cross-device tracking will enable companies to utilize re-marketing technology to set up ads to people who have not made a purchase after clicking on a product.

Trend #4: Affiliate Marketing for SEO

In the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) affiliate marketing has always been an important tool, but it’s fast becoming a more common approach as marketers start to grasp its real worth. The incoming affiliate links bring in referral traffic while concurrently boosting your website’s search engine influence.

Also, if you find yourself working with dominant sites in a specific niche, the link quality will be much higher – and so will their importance to your total contribution. Meanwhile, other crucial metrics – such as conversion rates – are likely to advance as a result of the trust that visitors have on the websites from they came through from.

Trend #5: Increased Scrutiny from Regulators

Brands are already on the radar of most regulatory organizations, but due to political unrest and privacy/ security concerns, it’s likely that regulation will be a continuing trend for 2018 and beyond.
In recent years, a sizeable amount of high profile brands and influencers have come under intense scrutiny for being unable to divulge paid endorsements, a problem that is likely to persist and be more rampant in the future.

Presently, affiliate bloggers and marketers disregard the rules regularly, often without being aware of any wrongdoing. But as the internet gets more regulated, it’s likely that marketers and affiliates alike will be forced to adapt to the status quo or face heavy sanctions.




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