Joel Therien shares story of how past bullying motivated him [video snippet]

Joel Therien shares story of how being bullied when he was very young, and a chance ‘encounter’ on the beach one day, motivated him to act and to become the man he is today

It really truly very, very difficult exposing very personal moments in my life…

But I am glad and honored to do so here because literally hundreds commented with praise and even a handful came back to share their personal stories and their “Why”

Thank you for that.. thanks you for being 100% …

[+] Transparent
[+] Courageous
[+] Vulnerable

Below is what I sent yesterday and if you missed the webinar I truly hope you watch the replay.

[You can watch the entire replay right here right now]

I knew my webinar today was going to be hard, but not that hard. I knew I was going to be sharing things that had drastically affected me in the past, and also affected the person I am today..

Over the past few weeks I have been really going over in my head how to share and whether or not to share my past…

In the end I decided I had to…

I had to, because really if it were not for my awful past then would have never been born..

You see…

I was bullied big time…


I guess you can say that is part of the reason I LOVE being big and muscular lol!!

Now you may not resonate with being bullied.. but we all have baggage from our past that prevents us from becoming the best we can be in the future!!

It’s time to get rid of your baggage and become the very best you can be today and from this day forward!!

[Please take a moment and watch my story.. its compelling and 100% true]

It is a big part of why I am so, so very damn passionate about and what I do today..

If after watching the webinar you are moved by it please use the link below to share it with others…

View the entire Joel Therien video story here

Joel Therien
Founder and CEO
NowLifestyle .com

P.S. Sorry for the tears on this webinar but I needed to share my story with you.

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