Powerful New Video Publishing, Distributing & Syndicating Web App

What is SyVid ?

Creating videos is easy and there are a handful of really good software that help you create videos for your marketing.

BUT what do you do once you create a video?
HOW do you make them useful?
HOW do you get traffic from those videos?

SyVid lets you upload and publish your videos to 10+ video sharing websites with just a few clicks, getting you the much needed video rankings, free traffic, leads and sales.

SyVid is a cloud based app where you upload a single video which is then automatically uploaded and published on 8 different video sharing websites along with unique Title, Descriptions and your keywords. Not only that, once your video has been distributed and published on all those 8 video sharing websites, it automatically lets your share the link of those videos to 15 different social media websites to get you instant traffic you need to get ranked and start attracting leads and sales.

SyVid a super easy to use cloud based app that anyone can use and finally start putting those amazing videos they’ve created, to good use.

Some Features of SyVID …


Automatically Upload and Publish To 8 Video Sharing Websites

SyVid lets you automatically upload and natively publish your videos to over 8 video sharing websites. It’s as easy as choose, upload and publish 3-steps. You can upload videos to sites like: Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Tumblr, WordPress, Dailymotion, Vzaar, Twitch.


Campaign Based Organization

Everything is clearly and easily organized based on campaigns that you can create. That way you can manage all your accounts, all your videos that are being uploaded and keep simply to view, track and take proper decisions.

Automatically Share Video links To Social Media

Once you’ve uploaded and published your video to all those video sharing websites, with SyVid you can kick start and give your videos that initial boost by automatically sharing your video links on 15 social media sites including: Bloggers, Facebook, Instapaper, VK, Linkedin, Reddit, Medium , Imgur, Pinterset, Twitter, Pocket.


Unique Title, Descriptions & Keywords

Don’t worry about using the same duplicate Title, keywords and descriptions on all the video sharing websites. With SyVid you can automatically spin them and have unique titles, keywords and descriptions on all the uploads.


One-Click Connect

With our One-Click Connect technology, you can quickly and easily connect all your video sharing websites and social media websites accounts by simply clicking on an icon and securely entering your credentials on their websites.

SEO Rank Score

SyVid generates a unique SEO Rank Score for each title, keyword and description when you’re uploading the video, giving you a very details insight on what you will need to change and improve to get better video rankings on all those video sharing websites and on Google page #1 as well. Make the most out of your video uploads.


Connect Multiple Accounts

SyVid gives you complete freedom and flexibility of how you’d like to use it. With SyVid you can connect multiple accounts of the same video or social media websites. Want to connect more than 1 YouTube accounts? You can do that and more!

Upload Scheduling

With SyVid you can create an upload or link sharing campaign and schedule it to start upload or sharing at a specific date and time of your liking so you can make the most out of the demographical time zones and get more views using the correct upload time when more users are online and watching videos.


100% Whitehat and Approved

SyVid is a 100% whitehat video distribution app and in no ways violates any TOS, making sure your accounts are fully safe.


Cloud based app

SyVid is a cloud based application. There’s nothing to download or install or configure. Simply login to your accounts and start creating publishing and sharing videos in minutes.


Established & Evergreen Product

With over 100s beta testers and 3 months in research and development, SyVid is a stable product that is here to stay for a long run and bring in recurring commissions for you.

Get all the details and watch demo videos at…

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Innovative Marketing Software gets you viral traffic in just 3 steps…

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SociAutomate is a cloud based web app that replaces the need for a social media manager by having all of your fan pages and profiles from the various networks under one roof.


Inside SociAutomate you can follow as many other profiles as you wish, to see their latest and best performing content. You can then draw this content from those profiles into your own ‘content library’ which can then be scheduled to be automatically posted to your own accounts at any times, dates or frequency as you like.
The whole process can be automated and you can build up a huge library of content ready to post whilst your not there. In a nutshell the software allows you to use other peoples content to your own benefit.
You can curate content and fill your library in three ways, by following viral accounts directing inside the app, using the browser extension to create posts from any site or by creating a post within the app.
The software works with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for both curating and posting content and you can use image posts as well as video posts. Large videos can also be cropped inside the software to be more appropriate for Twitter and Instagram.
This software will help you go viral faster than you could ever imagine and will save you countless hours doing everything manually and creating your own content!


You can be up and running and getting traffic with SociAutomate in just 3 simple steps…

Step #1 – Login To SociAutomate And Link Your Social Media Accounts

Step #2 – Tell SociAutomate Which Accounts To Follow And Then Add Content & Posts To Your Content Library

Step #3 – Schedule Content In Your Library To Post Automatically To Your Social Media Accounts As Often As You Want

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Power of videos + this system = Viral traffic

Videos are the best way to drive maximum engagement, boost opt-ins and sales.

But what about the enormous cost and the hours of hard work to make videos?

Not so easy, eh?

But my friend Dr. Amit has made it quite easy as…

He has created a Brand New system “VidMozo” {your_affiliate_link} using which you can:

– Curate top quality videos and content from YouTube
– Add your affiliate link to get paid for your offers and
– Drive Social Viral Traffic on complete autopilot

And yes, you don’t even have to be a techie either, as:

– You don’t need any past experience
– Neither you need a domain or a website
– Though it’s completely newbie friendly but you’ll get training too, if you get stuck somewhere.

In a nutshell, here’s what you’ll get:

– Complete set-and-forget cloud based automated  software
– A step-by-step training to explain everything to make the process very easy and hassle free

VidMozo is an ultimate software  that helps to automate the Video & content curation, builds eye catchy sites & also drives tons of laser targeted REAL traffic using the POWER of video, search & social media combined.

VidMozo is fully cloud-based software that means there is no need of a domain name, hosting or downloading anything. It creates stunning video sites at lightning speed and does all of that while SEO-ing your videos ensuring they receive maximum viewership.

  • Create SEO optimized, Mobile Responsive Video Sites
  • Stunning and Proven Converting Designs
  • Viral Facebook & Search Traffic Built-In
  • Drive Traffic HANDS FREE to ANY Offer in ANY Niche
  • Boost Commissions and Sales on Complete Autopilot
  • Get your copy today!

Cloud has become the new normal today. Also, there’s no grunt work needed as you won’t need to think for long rendering times or complicated installations. Just create an account and start enjoying the cool features.


*Right-click icon found on lower right corner of video to enlarge video screen.


  • Create SEO optimized, Mobile Responsive Video Sites
  • Stunning and Proven Converting Designs
  • Viral Facebook & Search Traffic Built-In
  • Drive Traffic HANDS FREE to ANY Offer in ANY Niche
  • Boost Commissions and Sales on Complete Autopilot
  • Get your copy today!


About The “MyUnfairAdavantage” membership site

*You can view a “MyUnfairAdvantage” video review at end of this post. Check it out.

MyUnfair Advantage is a membership website that contains just about everything we’ve ever done online. This is by far the most robust membership site we’ve ever seen and it includes training, software, website templates, scripts, tools and so much more.

The best part about being an MUA member is that everyone gets LIVE weekly group coaching! This is something that we’ve been doing since 2010! Yes, we have done over 330 episodes, and we keep adding each week! These are actual live training calls where we teach online marketing tactics that are working for us RIGHT NOW.

We also do weekly live streaming in our private Facebook group. This is as cutting edge as it gets, REAL coaching, REAL presentations not a bunch of podcasting interview bullshit. Our members LOVE this site because it is a community of marketers with everything you need under one roof!

The site includes 6 MINI COURSES covering List Building, Product Creation, Sales Pages, Membership Sites, Affiliate Marketing & Product Launching. Each member automatically gets access to all of our core products, plugins, and software. Internet Selling For Newbies, Rapid Profit System, Buzzinar, Funnel Boss, Content Nitrous & more!

MUA also includes a brand new UNIQUE PLR product library with over 50 products and new ones being added constantly. This is QUALITY CONTENT produced in-house by us and includes artwork and source files valued at thousands of dollars each!

Here’s Just A “Portion” Of What
Members Will Receive Inside MUA:


The most unique, engaging and informative training webinar on the internet takes place LIVE every Thursday at 9:00 PM EST. These PRIVATE episodes are between 2-4 hours of PURE CONTENT with new topics and questions answered weekly! We do an actual presentation on a current marketing topic each week which is recorded and put into the archives.


We’re not just a voice behind a webinar screen. We interact with our audience during every weekly coaching session. You’ll feel like you’re sitting in the room next to us as we simulcast our weekly coaching webinar LIVE to our private Facebook group audience. This is where you get the behind the scenes learning as we cover weekly housekeeping and trending topics.


It’s all recorded and stored in the MUA membership site. Our students never miss a minute of the weekly coaching because each episode is immediately stored in our training vault for easy access later. This is super convenient because members can attend Live or watch the replay at any time. These archives go way back to April of 2010!


We’ve built more than just a product here. Over the years, MUA has become A FAMILY. Members NEVER feel like they’re building a business alone with access to our private group. MUA is a tightly-knit family of successful marketers and online entrepreneurs just like YOU. Our group is AWESOME and we love to help each other! Every single weekly coaching call is summarized and posted in the Facebook group as well!

Plus… All These BONUS Mini Courses:


This course walks the viewer through the creation of a digital information product from scratch IN ONE DAY. Members can over Omar’s shoulder as he starts from a blank screen and literally creates a product and sales process right on your screen in a matter of hours! Warning: This mini course will elimante all your product creation excuses.


This mini course reveals the techniques that Omar uses to create audiences and build subscriber lists. Just ONE tactic revealed in this video can add hundreds of subscribers to your list THIS WEEK. The cool thing about having access to this cours is that THIS was the product created in the Product Creation Mini Course above! Watch the video and download all the resources from for List Bolt inside the MUA members area.


This is 100% hardcore online sales training at its best folks. “Marketing” just isn’t enough. You MUST learn how to sell and that’s done online with SALES PAGES. In this course, Omar teaches you the exact ways to sell different types of products to various types of audiences. And thats not all, this minicourse includes tha actual templates we used for each! You’ll love his sales templates!


Melinda rolled her sleeves up and took control in this minicourse! You’ll be blown away when you see how easy it is to create a recurring income with membership sites. This step-by-step videos will make you an expert at creating password protected membership sites with WordPress! This series is an absolute gold mine because it will make recurring income quick and painless for you to create with membership sites!


The “Superstar” training series is a relly fun and entertaining learning experience. Join Omar, Melinda and the OWNERS OF JVZOO in a series of 6 videos that will uncover the secret tips and tricks used by millionaire marketers to make BANK on JVZoo through both Product Launching AND Affiliate Marketing! This course will force you to look at marketing from a whole new perspective. The MONEY perspective.

AND, Members Also Get Full Access
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This Simple $336 Per Day System Will Have You Laughing All the Way To The Bank… This Works Even If You’re A Brand-Spanking Newbie With No Skills, No Website And No Experience!

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Lead Generation Software – Lead Generation Software Finds Targeted Leads Instantly

Do you use WordPress for all/some of your online marketing campaigns?

Leadifly is a WordPress plugin which allows you to create links or content which you can
share anywhere online, in order to generate INSTANT leads.

The software connects directly to Facebook to retrieve your visitors’ details, and as
soon as they click confirm, they will be automatically added to your email list,
before they are forwarded to the content that they wanted to access.

Are you an affiliate marketer? 

Well, they say the money is in the list, and how much more money could you earn with
an extra 850 subs each and every week?

You could start promoting more products and getting more commissions.

Whatever niche you’re in, having your own audience of targeted, engaged email
subscribers is still the number one way to make money. With 92% of online adults using email,
and 61% using it every single day, if you’re serious about your business,
you NEED to have an email list.

The problem is that it’s getting harder and harder to get opt-ins, as people become more and
more wary of squeeze pages and lead magnets.

I want you to understand why you need this software, and why it will help you improve
your online marketing, bringing better results than you ever thought possible.

– Anyone can use Leadifly, all that you need is a WordPress blog.

– You don’t need a budget for traffic, and this software will instantly bring you better results
with your existing visitors.

– You can be sure you are getting REAL emails instead of fake ones.

– Potential customers know & trust Facebook so you gain their authoritative trust.

– Having Leadifly on your pages will grow your email list on autopilot.

– Real email leads will help you market to your prospects better

 Leadifly is a WordPress plugin which allows you to create links or content which you can
share anywhere online, in order to generate INSTANT leads.

What The App Has 52 Times More Engagement Than Facebook?

If you generate leads on social media, there’s only one platform you need.

It has 700 million active users.

52x higher engagement than Facebook.

And offers the ability to ultra-target your offers so you get only leads who are HUNGRY for what you’re selling.

Did you know that one social app has 700 million buyers you can reach for free?

Technically Facebook has more… But you need permission before you can message most FB users.

This platform is unique in that you can reach ANY of the 700 million users at any time.

AND it has 52x higher engagement than Facebook for any given post.

This means that you can generate massive amounts of leads with ZERO paid ads.

Using this platform, marketers have been able to get up to 10,000 leads in just 30 days without advertising.

The platform is INSTAGRAM.

And Insta Crusher is the key to harvesting these 100% free leads while the going is good.

Instagram could shut down the loopholes that allow this free traffic any day now.

If you want to dramatically increase your leads and profits WITHOUT PAID ADS, click here.

This is the free traffic gold mine of 2017.

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“List Building 3.0 Biz in a Box” at 80% Off and some free bonuses page

“List Building 3.0 Biz in a Box” at 80% Off and some free bonuses page

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Below are some bonuses just for visiting.  And once again, thank you for doing so.  Cheerz!

What Is TubeBuddy? – F.A.Q. Answers to your common questions

“10 Underground Methods for Getting TARGETED TRAFFIC FAST!”
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How To Use TubeBuddy To Simplify YouTube Marketing

Free TubeBuddy Download and F.A.Q. Answers to your common questions

What is TubeBuddy?
TubeBuddy is a browser extension (aka browser plugin) that adds a layer of tools directly on top of YouTube’s website. After installing TubeBuddy, simply go to YouTube.com and you’ll see our features right inside their site designated by the TubeBuddy logo. …

Which browsers does TubeBuddy support?
Most modern browsers: Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Once Microsoft Edge adds extensions, we will support Edge.

How much does TubeBuddy cost?
It’s Free! 
You can upgrade your account to a paid license for advanced features and functionality but most people are happy and get what they need with the free stuff.

In other words, this is not a free ‘trial offer’ that will end after a period of time, it’s free for you for as long as you want to utilize TubeBuddy, unless you want to upgrade.


Why You Need to Focus on Video Marketing in 2017

Makes Money Daily With FREE Facebook Traffic

Would you pay a measly $4.50 ONE-TIME if it meant you could make $30 in one day…


Now, after reading this, you are probably
wondering to yourself “Yeah right, I
probably have to do 10-20 hours of derivative work
to get started.  NOPE, all you have to
do is do roughly less than 20 minutes of
set-up work and then post ONE SINGLE GIF FILE

That’s it… rinse and repeat!

Do you want to know what
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If you own a personal fb
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this for several months and it
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It’s not a lot but it’s the extra
1500/per month which is free
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Imagine this, you go on
the site i give you, download
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