Video Spokesperson – Spokesperson Videos: Reasons To Have A Web Video Spokesperson

Software gets thousands of Targeted Traffic To Your 0ffers, In Record Time

Statistics show that between 64-85% people are more likely to purchase after watching a video.

More than that 70% of people are more likely to buy a product after watching a TV com’mercial, than they do after reading a newspaper ad.

If you tried video marketing and failed… your worries are over.

Everything is going to change because Today you’ll find out The Trick me and all the other video marketing experts are using to create High Converting Videos.

Our secret trick is that we use Spokesperson Videos.

Spokesperson videos convert 10x better than any other videos out there.

That’s a fact!

Creating videos is kinda tedious, hard and to actually create High Converting videos you have to be a marketing expert.

The problem is, you hate being on camera and it can c0st an arm and a leg to hire someone and get a nice video produced.

So how do you get that human element into your videos and Avoid all of the headache?

Your answer is Pixo Blaster

If you tried video marketing and failed… this software is exactly what you need!

I’m talking about:

– Having Professional Actors on top of all your videos

– Transforming any underperforming video into a 4, 5 or 6 fig’ure inc0me stream

  • Customizing Your Videos for maximum Conversion
  • Having Professional Actors Closing The Deals For You

and more!

Pixo Blaster Will Triple Your Conversions And You’ll Get More Traffic, More |eads and More Sa|es Overnight

Just Follow These 3 Simple Steps And You’ll Transform Any Video Into A M0ney Making Machine..

1.  Add your video or your clients video

2.  Choose an intro..

3.  Relax and watch the profits pour in!

The creators of this product, Han Fan and Vlad M, use the Exact Intros and Outros from Pixo for their own online promos and it Worked Extremely Well.

In the last months they included Spokesperson intros in all their promo videos, and saw a Huge increase in our Conversion.

And the best part is that they didn’t waste days waiting after videos… and ton of $$$ on spokespersons and copywriters.

Add a product demo video and close the deal with a proven to convert Call-To-Action Spokesperson video.

Follow This 3 Simple Steps And You’llTransform Any Video Into A Money Making Machine

With Pixo Blaster you will be able to:

  • Make your videos work: Turn any Video into automated e-mail |ead generation machines, Guaranteed To Get You Bigger Conversions, More |eads and Sa|es (you’ve never seen this before)
  • Get Targeted Traffic: Get th0usands of Perfectly Targeted Traffic To Your 0ffers, In Record Time
  • Make More Sa|es: Convert Up To 50%+ Of Our Visitors Into Buyers, With No Time, Tools or Extra Work From Your Side.
  • Save Time and M0ney: Stop shelling out ca’sh on graphics designers, copywriters, video creation tools … Stop pa’ying entirely!
  • Increase Customer Retention: Captivate your viewers and get higher retention rate.
  • Increase Engagement: Get your viewers to interact with you

Imagine what it would be like if in one week from today, all your traffic worries were over.

Imagine all your videos converting every second viewer into a |ead.

Imagine getting tons of targeted visitor traffic to your 0ffers.

Traffic that will convert 10x better than whatever you’re doing right now.

Can you imagine that?

Now… Do you want to make that a reality?

If so… Get Pixo Blaster here..


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